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How to Download using IRC

I believe many of us watch anime, even not as much as I am. When searching the convinience way to download anime, I found article wrote by Nadirah on how to download anime using IRC.
So I thought I share this article here, and adding some pictures so even the dumbest can understand.

Before that, just make sure your computer have up-to-date antivirus and firewall!!

1. If you haven't, just download MIRC & MIRC plugin :: sysreset ::, - I recommend sysreset since that's one of the easiest ones to use (download full installation pack of sysreset and after that, download latest version of MIRC; install in the same folder)

2. Type your name, email, nickname (name which will appears when you online).

Before connect to server, first go to DCC. At On Send request, check the option Auto Get File and Minimize and then select Resume for If Files Exist. This will ensure that you won't reject the files that people are sending you

3. Still at DCC. At DCC >Ignore, scroll down to Disable and uncheck the box Turn Ignore Back On.

You also can set your download folder at DCC>Folder by pressing Edit. And finally press OK.

4. If you're done with that, I think you're ready to download. Now, before downloading, you have to be connected to a server. If you go to File > Select server Connect, you will see a list of servers below IRC Network which listed practically all of the servers you can connect to.

A major server is Rizon and IRCHighway. (Most famous fansubs group like " #animeONE ", " #anime-keep " and " #ANBUDOM " (official channel for ANBU) are located at Rizon. Some Fansubs group like " #anime-empirer " are at server ChatSpike. Most scanlators group (who are translate and edit manga) are at IRCHighway.

5. Then go to Favorites->Organise Favorites if the box below not show-up.Type channel you want to join.

6. Right after the channel, always read the channel’s topic. It will tell you some information about what is going on like what the latest release etc. It will always save your day.

and type !rules in channel windows when you enter new channel . Most channels have their own rule.

Since you're new at this you're bound to get lost or confused, so just ask sometimes. Most of the time there will be someone kind enough to reply, so don't worry as long as you don't ask something stupid like when the xx episode will come out etc.

7. In these channels, you will have to search for specific triggers that will get you your anime In the channel window, type !list (without the quotes) and there are going to be tons of list of triggers to fserves that have tons of anime. Many of them will already have some queues; you can usually check by checking the queues.

8. These triggers will look a lot like this:

As you can see, there are 2 of 6 in Queues, and there's currently 1 Sends there, meaning that the person's is sending files to someone else. This fserve also have 3 triggers; one trigger is set apart by putting the & in between them. So /ctcp BaKa^DaSu wants MP3s , /ctcp BaKa^DaSu wants MANGAs and /ctcp BaKa^DaSu wants Bleach Manga RAW
are three different sets of triggers. Just copy those and paste them in the windows, and a new window will pop up.

9. The new fserve window will have its own set of command. The commands that you need to know and type in that particular window are:
cd :: this command will get you to a new directory. Say the fserve have more than one directories (NARUTO, LOVE HINA,) just type cd as in cd NARUTO.
dir :: after typing cd, just type dir since this will list all of the files in that directory.
cd.. :: type this command when you want to go out from folder you’re in.
get :: when you find the file you want, type get and remember to type the exact name and leave out the file size.

haibane_renmei_ep1v2.avi 158mb

Just type get haibane_renmei_ep1v2.avi and they will queue it for you or send it to you. It depends if the person's sending something or not. If the person's sending 2 files and they only have 2 slots, that means you're probably going to be queued. If the queues are full... well, sorry, nothing I can do.

##There are other command beside !list such as @find and xdcc list Please read the channel’s rule before type those command. Most channels do not allowed xdcc list in the channel window otherwise you might get banned. Same as @find" , some channel do not allowed @find at all or in period of time.

10. Most big channel has what they called Bots. Most of the bots have the channel name for example AonE|Kaname. Bots use different trigger than fserver. Wait for the message to pop up instead! The ad is like this:

just type what it says inside the quote or you also can simply just type /msg [bot name] xdcc list (without [], make sure you sure that is a bot, xdcc list channel OP will get you kick @ ban) if you want a listing then you’ll see something like this

If you want file no. 1, just replace x with 1. It should be like this
/msg Aoi|Maya xdcc send #1


It A good thing to know what the meaning of prefix in front of nick
! :: most likely the owner of the channel, has ultimate power in the channel.
@ :: channel Operator (OP), have as much power as “!” except he can’t kick or band people with “!” .
% :: Half OP, still can kick or ban you but don’t hold much power as “!” or “@”.
So Don’t mess with those people above unless you want to get perm band or kick!!!
+ :: Voiced, people who share files, have several advantage over comman people like overide queue (on most fserver), can talk when channel in moderate mode.
Don’t XCCC List these people unless you sure it is Bot !

# Make sure you configure your firewall (or router) to allow TCP on port 59 (standart port for most bots/fserver) #

if you notice some channels require you to register your nick before you can enter the channel... to do that here the command... type it in windows, not channel windows...
/msg nickserv register [your e-mail] [your password]
*type your e-mail & password without []... and be sure to give your valid e-mail cause you need to make comfirmation using your mail

and try type one of these (depend on the server you're in) if you cannot enter the fserver to get rid of your hostserv...
/msg hostserv off
/mode -x
/mode –h

Other interesting link on how to download using IRC:-


All the credit goes to nadirah (original writer)

I hope this article can help you all find your favourite anime, other that using Bittorrent. Not only it fast compared to Kazaa, but also easy. You can also find others type of files, OST, song or even movies.
Just click the websites below
(thx pnqiu for links)

Happy leeching!!!!


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