Friday, 7 December 2007

Within the LIMIT

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A few days ago my friend asks me about my opinion regarding to her cousin. Well I don’t want to tell a long story about her cousin’s problem but one particular question which interests me the most. She asked me if it’s ok for her cousin to have a friendship-relationship with a male (her cousin is female). And she said, for her it’s ok to have a male friends even after couple (or married), as long as we know the limit.

I bet most of us, if not all agreed with that. I also agreed with that statement. But a big question then arises. Where is the LIMIT?

Humans are unique and different, even when they born as a twin. That what life is so colorful and fun, and at the same times make life is so complicated. Their senses, attitudes and characters are shaped according to the hundreds of factors, from family, friends, experiences, environment and etc. So in other words, the ways they view and react to certain thing are different.

It interesting to know that, even our common sense is different from one person to another. So when it comes to set the limit, we most of time come to different conclusion and answer. So doesn’t a mean when we think it’s not wrong to have other guy call us late at night or it’s ok to accompany our friend to choose the birthday present to her father, our partner will agree with us.

Of course we have a very strong argument and reason why we think as above, and for them, they also have their own reason why they think it’s wrong. So who is right?

In life we saw and see more color than just black and white. That is what makes life so beautiful. The things in life are not just black and white, true or false, yes or no. It’s a very subjective; there are no absolute answer and guideline on most of the things.

So why do something which brings trouble and problem later on? We know, aren’t we, it’s better to prevent rather than to cure? It’s not only easier but cost no money and time. The same principles can be applied in our daily life.

When we gave our agreement to be in that kind of relationship, you should know, it comes with a price, a commitment. Commitment is not an easy thing. We always have to think twice things we want to do, not only on ourselves but to the people around us and especially to the people who is special to us.

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