Thursday, 31 January 2008

How to charm a Woman

For man, women are complicated and hard to understand. But I found an interesting article about how to charm a woman and the author said it works most of the time. Maybe it can give us a little help in understanding woman better, hopefully.

Be aware. Women are attracted to men who are as smart as or smarter than them. Your knowledge of worldly matters will demonstrate your intelligence. So read the newspaper and watch the news.

Demonstrate humor. Women love a man who can make them laugh. But you don’t have to be a comedian to make women laugh. We all have a certain sense of humor. You can be dry, sarcastic, hilariously funny, quick-witted or dark.

Have passion. A guy who lives his life with gusto is incredibly appealing. When you speak to a woman about your life, your travels, your job, your interests, speak with passion.

Be considerate and pay attention. Be aware of the little things and look for opportunities to make small gestures that show you care. A simple "How was your day?" and being able to listen to her when she wants to discuss something are huge. So many men forget about simple things like holding the door or even saying take care when she goes to work.

Be honest. Share who you are by telling her something personal, like your childhood memories or some experiences you’ve been going through. It also shows that you are a confident but vulnerable man. Women love to see the vulnerable side of you.

Be flexible. Be open to her plans but surprise her with your flexibility. Take charge and surprise her with a fun night out. Instead of being the typical guy who makes a reservation, think about how you can be the guy who listens to her and plans a great date that she did not expect. If you can pull this off, she will be open to all sorts of advances from you.

Be positive. If you are positive about life, it shows in your actions.

Be balanced. Women love a successful, ambitious man. They love that you work hard, but if you constantly put work ahead of her she will become turned off.

Have ambition. Men who are ambitious about what they do are a turn-on to women. If you don't love what you do, find something that really turns you on.

Be attentive. You are out with her for the very first time, and she tells you she loves a certain type of music. On the next date take her to a lounge that plays that type of music. It is all about paying attention to the details and working on your listening skills.

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