Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Second Shot

Neuschwanstein, originally uploaded by bakadasu.

It had been more than 5 years since I own my own camera and about 3 years since I’m getting so involved into the world of photography. As a person who loves taking picture, I always try to capture the best part of my life, my friend’s life and my surrounding. And it really bring satisfactory to me if I can produce a nice and beautiful pictures.

As I browse all my pictures collections, I can see the story behind all those pictures, the event that happen and the memories that were captured by my camera. Those pictures really tell me more than thousand words.

And after sometimes, I realize something, no matter how hard I try, I cannot recreate the same shot I took, and I can’t recreate the same pictures ever again. Really, I only have at that very moment to capture the memories into my camera. And there is no SECOND CHANCE for me to capture that memory again.

That knowledge changes my perspective of the world I live right now. And I think, do we really have our second chance? If we failed the exam, we can retake the exam next semester, if we did something wrong we can fix that later on and if we did something bad to our relationship, we can seek for forgiveness and back together again. Does that are count as a second chance?

We have a lot of opportunities and chances throughout our life. As long as we breathe, we have a chance to make ourselves a better person, a chance to improve our financial income and a chance to make something happen. But no matter what, we don’t have a chance to turn back time.

It is the same thing as taking a picture, every moment is unique and different. And if you miss that very moment, it will gone forever. You really don’t have a second chance to press your shutter again to re-capture the moment because it only happens once in your life.

And the chance you have right not, at this very moment is the only chance you have. You don’t have that chance again, ever in your life. Yes, you can always retake the exam that you failed, and yes, you can always or have a chance to be together again with the person you dump. Is that what we called a second chance?

For me, it is not a second chance, but it is another chance given to you.

You can retake the exam, but it will be in the next time (likely next semester), and most probably not the same question as the 1st one.

If you dump someone and you want them back to you, you really won’t have the same chance as you did before. It going to be harder, at least it should be. Why? Because of the time. And people evolve with time. They won’t be the same person as you knew before because people chance with time. They gain experiences and learn from that.

So we should appreciate the moment we have right now and the people around us. We won’t have a chance to be in that kind of situation ever again in our life.

And be careful in making a decision, because it the only chance we have.

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fAtHiAh zuLkaFLi said...

life is not only about photography. if u limit it only to d world of photography, i might b agreed tht there is no second chance.but what about in life? everybody deserves 2 b given d second chance as human are imperfect n we make mistake which frm tht we learn.