Monday, 21 July 2008

Security or Chemistry?

As a man, I always puzzle myself. Who will woman choose to be her partner of life? A man who she loves and fun to be with or a man who can provide her a security. When I mean security, it means in term of financial and stable life.

So it comes to a story of triangle love story of two men and one girl.

We first have our first hero. I named him as A. A is an engineer of one of overseas company and currently the company send him to Europe to undergoing a training. He is a kind person, knows how to treat elders, a good Muslim and most important, love the girl very much. So the first candidate, A can provide the girl with security.

And we have our second hero; I named his as B. B just graduated from university. May have a bright future and right now still searching for a job. He also love the girl very much. He is a type of person who kind, knows how to treat the girl. That why the girl love him much more than A. So this second candidate is a type of person the girl sees as someone who has chemistry toward her.

In term of profile, A is leading B far ahead. Not only A knows the girl more than one year, but also the girl’s mother. Furthermore, A leave good expression to her mother to be a good husband to her daughter. B knows the girl not more than two month. The girl’s mother have no problem with her daughter choosing either one of them, but the mother is a bit worried about B since B and the girl only know each other and never meet face to face. Adding the problem is the fact that the girl doesn’t hate A, she just love B more than A. I forget to state that the girl is young, younger than both A and B by 3 to 5 years.

And for your information, this is a real story, happen in a real life. And the story still just at the beginning. Anyway, the big question is, what will the final conclusion of the story. The girl will either go for security by choosing A or rather follow her heart by choosing B?

Yes, it ups to the girl to decide, but it surely an interesting question especially for men. Do woman really love to be with someone the happy with, love with or they rather choose to have a secure life and hope both of the can create love and happiness. So, women out there, who you will choose, A or B?


Anonymous said...

i will choose A since u mentioned that da gurl is also loves him. it is just she loves B more. but as a is also important when we hope 4 a serious relationship. love can develop.. plus..there's nothing lack in A. so..gud luck to B...

nur said...

go f0r A!!:D

" NoBoDy " said...

well..its the question of maturity..
If u said the girl is 3-5 years..
meaning shes in her early 20s..

If tiss the case, the girl might choose B - since we all know women, like men, favors the fun etc in our early 20s...

if shes looking for a commitment right from the start, A is the right person. But we are only an outsider looking at their rship like they have no say in this. We dunno whatever happens between them.

Maybe A lacks compassion eventho he sounds 'perfetc'. But nobody is perfect. Who are we to say that A is better than B?

But if the girl reaches 25-30, she might leave B for A if B stays at the same level like they first met.
Since we all know, once a girl passes 24 in MSia, she will start looking for a commitment..

Tats y, u heard alot of break up stories nowadays eventho theyve been tgthr for 6-10 years.

Its a matter of 'situation' and 'timing'..

Santo said...

i am not a girl..but my opinion, better choose B..since A in overseas far far away..while B, even though never met, but we can work that things out..let the girl decide after she meet B, then it will be fair

avantgarde said...

as a girl i will choose B since he as u figure him out as a lovable and very caring.girl need nothing if she already get the perfect love for can be build together (luxury etc)..that's from my humble opinion la..huhu