Thursday, 19 November 2009

The wind of Change....

I was waiting for the right time to get to works. People who knows me know what im doing right now. As I busy with my own life and my own work, i failed to notice something, the world is changing.

Friends, who i used to talk so much, telling my problem and feeling, who i used to go out and having fun together, who telling their story life, who used to call me to share their feeling, gradually gone. They are becoming stranger toward me. They changing, or we both change.

It hard to accept that that friends who so close to us, sharing stories, are now rarely talk to us. But I have to accept that it always that way.

Today we are best friends, tomorrow we are friends, a day after tomorrow we rarely met and talk, and few day later we do not even have a clue what they are doing.

But, the memories of us be friend, crying together when hard time and laugh together when happy time is irreplaceable. We maybe do not talk anymore, but believe me, you still my precious friends, the one which can not be replace, forever.

I always wish and pray for happiness your happiness, my friend.

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