Thursday, 16 August 2007

Life Lessons

This is Taken from the Life Lessons Part 1 & Part 2. Although it about Magic Card, but I find it very interesting. You can go to the link above to read more.

1. Judge yourself (and your ideas) by the people that care about you.
Don't give that power to people who are not invested in your well being.

2. Things happen for a reason; Even disappointments can be opportunities.

3. You seldom regret failing. You always regret not trying.

4. It's not my job to look out for the welfare of others at the expense of myself.

5. If you want things to happen you have to take the initiative to make it happen.

6. You can't be inflexible with your future.

7. The little stuff matters.

8. “I Can Do Better” is the path to ruin.

9. There are things that happen that you simply have to accept and move on.

10. Having priorities doesn't mean anything if you don't actually prioritize them.

Put that in our mind...

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