Sunday, 20 April 2008

The End of the Journey

view from the Lab, originally uploaded by bakadasu.

My life as a student is at the end. I know it a bit late according to Malaysia's standard for someone as 'old' as me to begin a new life as a 'man', having a job, makingmoney on his own, drive his own car and maybe building his own family.

Looking back through time, i won't believed myself i will going back as a fully qualified engineer from Germany's university. It not easy for me to be in this level. A lot of hardship i been though for more than 5 years in Germany were not something i could forget thoughout my life. Meeting new people, having nice friends, experience new things and traving to the places i only could dream before.

Now it coming to the end. I excited to see the new world. And meeting new people. But when i looking around, i knew i will miss this place, miss my sweet room with my two monitors, miss the stadt Gummersbach, the PLUS where i buy all my groceries , miss Saturn where i survey and sometimes buy new gadget, miss Karstadt. It surely a very small n nice place to live.

And for sure i will miss the people i knew here. My friends. I knew that i would get anymore chance to enjoy this kind of life in the future. I really wish them all the best, we surely meet again near the future.

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