Wednesday, 14 May 2008

End of my life as Schützen'er and Gummersbach'er

I'm counting my days before going back home (maybe for goods). Most of my stuffs are already on the way back home, the only things left are my beloved PC, my laptop and my clothings. My presentation will be on 20th May 2008 and i have to summit my thesis (diplomarbeit) at least this sunday, and i will on the last trip with this guys on this saturday. A one day trip to Holland.

It surely a very long n demanding journey begin at 4th January 2003 and it will end hopefully on 31th May 2008. I still can't imagine how much relieved when i in this stage, eventhough it the most critical time for me, to summit the thesis and present, packing, clean the house, settle all the contracts (Handphone, telefon, internet, gym, der Stadt etc2) and things with JPA and embassy.

I'm surely miss this city and mostly the malaysian who live here. We won't be able to hanging around like we used to, maybe we won't be able to meet each other for quite some times, but i hope the friendships between us will always there . . .

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