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Complete Guide - Anime


So, to anime fans, I just want to share with you some animes I watched, some maybe old.
Because the lists here are sorely depend on my opinion and taste, some titles maybe not be suitable to your taste, but at least you have a guide.

MusT waTcH AniMe
This are ‘My-All-Time-Favorite’ anime titles. Some of them are a little bit too old to be found in net.

#Without in order

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
:: I have no doubt this anime will become anime of the year 2006. A very interesting story about a beautiful but strange high school girl, Haruhi. If you thought it just a normal school girl, you wrong. You should go on watching until episode 2 before you experience the ‘real’ anime and near the end of series, you’ll understand what the 1st episode is all about.

Fruits Basket
:: Once announce as Anime of the Year, this is a story about a girl who lost her mother and live alone until she met a unique family cursed by 12 animals from Chinese calendar.

Ichigo Mashimaro
:: A story of 5 cute girls doing a what cute girls always do. Simple but very² interesting story.

:: One of the 1st downloaded anime I watch. A story about a robot which has her own emotion.

Hikaru no Go
:: This is one hell of anime. A story about boy who can see a ghost. This ghost is actually one of the most talented Go player. I watch even when I don’t know what is Go actually. (Go is actually a Chinese chess)

Gundam SEED
:: I not a big fan of Gundam series, but this one is special. This one of the most recent Gundam series. Gundam SEED Destiny is actually a continuation of Gundam SEED.

Slam Dunk!
:: A story about a forming of basketball team to conquer the inter high, consist of 5 unique talented people. Full of comedy. This anime is a bit old (1995), so don’t expect to see a beautiful n smooth drawing.

Tenchi Muyo
:: This anime is extremely popular, and because of that there are few version of this anime using the same characters from the original novel, but the best is Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki OVA series, using the storyline same as it novel. A story about 5 aliens women living together with Tenchi, a normal high school girl.

Rurouni Kenshin - Reminiscences
:: This dark and sad anime is one the best anime of all time. Based on the manga, these OVA is a bit difference from it TV series. A story of Battosai, a killing machine living in the era of chaos in Japan.

Full Metal Panic & Full Metal Panic Fumoffu
:: A Comedy-Romance-Action anime is about Sagara, top robot pilot who has no common sense. A story begin when he receive a task to be a bodyguard for Kaname Chidori, a beautiful high school girl Full Metal Panic Fumoffu is aired after Full Metal Panic, but this anime take place in the time when Sagara become bodyguard to Kaname Chidori, most of the story are at school.

Twelve Kingdoms
:: Adaptation from famous fantasy novel in Japan, a story about girl chosen as a king of one of 12 kingdoms from another world.

Great Teacher Onizuka
:: An adaptation from popular manga with the same title. Story of legendary gangster, Onizuka who wish to became a teacher.

AzuManga Daioh
:: One of the most famous high-school-girl-comedy anime comedy. A group of high school girls with different character, which now became typical for this type of anime.

Chrno Crusade
:: Finished with episode 24, A story about Rosette, a energetic girl who in quest to find her only brother which being Kidnapped by Demon. So she made an agreement with another demon, Chrno to help her. This maybe one of the best ending I ever see (minus the last 2 min).

:: About 2 childhood friends working as a postman using an airplane. They wish to go to Grand Stream which is the cause of their fathers’ death.

:: Kazuki live in a world where status is according how much magic you can use. Strangely he surrounded by 3 girls who want to marry him because they believe his gene can produce a very powerful magic user, even though he can only use magic 8 times.

:: A story about female fighter-robot who already off-duty and decided to became a maid to the one high school boy. The ending is a bit disappointing.

:: This anime have 2 seasons; each with 13 episodes. The setting is far in the future where man and woman are no longer live together; in fact they became an enemy to one another.

Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar
:: This cute anime is about snow fairy, Sugar, who still in training living together with teenage girl, Saga. What is more interesting about this an anime is the setting was base on city in Germany, Rothenberg.

Full Moon wo Sagashite
:: A story about a young girl who want to become a famous singer. The synopsis will seem likely it a boring anime but, believe me, it worth watching. A great anime.

Ghost in the Shell - Stand Alone Complex
:: Consist 2 seasons but the best one is the 1st season. Continuation from the movie, this is a story about special investigation organization involve with strange cases. This anime is aired in pay-per-view channel in Japan.

R.O.D.The TV
:: Read Or Die @ Read or Dream. This TV series take place years after the OVA, but the heroin are 3 sisters’ work as bodyguard for famous novel writer.

Hajime no Ippo
:: This anime ended with 76 episodes + 2 movies. A story of school boy who always being bully, Magunochi Ippo aiming to be a pro boxer.

:: A female DNA operator has a duty to go back to the past and change the gene of mega Playboy who make 1000 woman pregnant.

Scrapped Princess
:: A story about unfortunate princess, believe will bring disaster when she became 16.

Shingetsutan Tsukihime
:: A female vampire and fall in love with Tohno Shiki, high school boy who has ability to see “the line of destruction”.

He is My Master
:: Comedy, Ecchi, Romance… if you combined all this you get He is My Master… about 2 sisters run away from home and working as resident housekeepers.

My HiME (Mai HiME) & Mai-Otome
:: Story begin when Mai, came to Fuuka Academy with her sick brother. Later on she find out she is one of the HiME (Highly-advanced Materializing Equipment). Mai-Otome doesn’t have any relation with My HiME apart from characters still appear in Mai-Otome, is about Arika who searching her mother.

Rozen Maiden & Rozen Maiden ~Träumend~
:: A young boy accidentally bought a doll which can move and talk, and it turn out that the doll is part of Rozen Maiden. Rozen Maiden ~Träumend~ is its sequel.

Mahoraba ~Heartful Days~
:: Story of 7 unique characters living in Narutaki-So, owned by young high school girl, Kozue… but she has secret even she doesn’t know.

Shura no Toki
:: Genre fighting. This anime is a story of 3 generation of family which carry out the name Shura, legendary martial art using no weapon

Stellvia the Universe
:: .

Makai Senki Disgaea
:: .

:: .

FullMetal Alchemist
:: .

:: .

Final Approach
:: .

WoRtH WaTcH AniMe
This list contains animes which I consider good anime, but not that good to be in the above list.

#Without in order

:: One of the 1st anime I watch. This legendary anime is about a boy who is chosen to become a pilot of special robot.

:: Fan of Evangelion must see this anime, the closely resemble to the Evangelion using the same theme.

Black Cat
:: Adaptation from it manga which carry the same title. This anime is about a legendary assassin who decided to quit his job and become a bounty hunter with his partner.

:: Produced by the same company who made R.O.D, you could expect the beautiful drawing from this anime. A story about clueless high school girl suddenly become god.

:: Finished at episode. 167 but rumors say there will be OVA to conclude the final battle between Inuyasha and the bad guy. This anime became boring after episode 100+.

[ Ah! My Goddess
:: Based on manga, this anime have it own TV series but, I recommended the OVA and the movies.

Love Hina
:: This anime can be compare to AzuManga Daioh in term of popularity. A story about group of girls living at hot spring inn with the only man there, Keitaro.

Onegai Twins
:: The story is taking place after Onegai Teacher, but it not its sequal, although the characters and the place is the same as Onegai Teacher. It about Kamishiro Maiku, orphan who decided to live alone, and after a while 2 girl came and claim they are his sister, but he suppose to have only one sister.

:: Aired on Kids station channel in Japan, although toward the ending, this anime show brutal killing and cruelty. Anyway, it is about a girl who found a very strange animal shape like star which can fly.

Trinity Blood
:: In this anime, vampire and human live in the same earth, each has their own nation & constantly fighting each other.

Uninhabited Planet SURVIVAL
:: In 22nd century, the earth no longer a suitable place to live. This is about Luna and her friends 6 character in unknown Planet and how they survive.

School Rumble
:: A typical comedy’s anime about high school student with amazingly unique character and conflict.

KURAU Phantom Memory
:: A story about girl which has special power which allow her to do something impossible.

Mahou Sensei Negima!
:: 10 years old boy became a teacher to all girl’s school, and actually he is a witch in training.

Tsukiyomi ~MOON PHASE~
:: This anime takes 24 episodes to end is about girl vampire who in search of her mother.

Tenshi na Konamaiki
:: A strange comedy story about a beautiful girl who actually once a boy, but she was cursed by devil.

:: A story about Kantarou, who had ability to see demon living with ogre-eating Tengu.

Cowboy Bebop
:: Also one of the most popular anime, about a group of space bounty hunters. Full of action and comedy.

:: Finished with 26 episodes, a story about music band and their road to became legend.

Solty Rei
:: Make by GONZO simply put this anime among popular animes in 2005. A story about a special cyborg that lives with a bounty hunter who believes his daughter is still alive.

PaniPoni Dash!
:: This strange anime is about a genius who become a teacher at the age of 10. Genre comedy.

Yakitate!! Japan
:: It interesting to see how the simple story about making a bread turn out to be a popular anime.

Nurse Witch Komugi-chan
:: Comedy + Cute anime. One of the best OST.

Green Green
:: Comedy and full of Fan Service.

Galaxy Angels
:: A 4 seasons Anime tell the story about 5 female space military searching a lost technology. Genre comedy.

Get Backers
:: A fighting genre. A story about two detective for hire who have special power.

:: A boy who which to become a professional soccer player.

Spiral ~Bond of Reasoning~
:: Son of famous detective investigate the case with his female high school friend.

Sister Princess
:: A brilliant boy who suddenly fail the exam and had to go to school in isolated island. While he was there, he suddenly got 13 sisters.

Midori no Hibi
:: .

KURAU Phantom Memory
:: .

Dan Doh!!
:: .

Black Lagoon
:: .

:: .

Kita He. ~Diamond Dust Drops~
:: .

Jubei-chan the Ninja Girl ~ Secret of the Lovely Eyepatch ~
:: .

E's Otherwise
:: .

Erementar Gerad
:: .

Violinist Of Hamelin
:: .

:: .

Tenjou Tenge
:: .

:: .

Kono Minikuku Mo Utsukushii Sekai
:: .

:: .

Ichigo 100%
:: .

Happy Lesson
:: .

:: .

Because I could not find anyway to categorize this animes, I make difference group for this animes. This animes simply here because there are something else about this anime which make them different.

Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien
:: One of the best anime. This drama-romance anime is about a love triangle between 2 friends with one guy.

Saishuu Heiki Kanojo @ Saikano
:: A tragic and sad anime. With rather simple typical characters, the plot make it so different then others. If you interest in action, this is surely not for you.

Macross Zero
:: This anime tell the story how the Macross @ Robotech begin it story. This special OVA with 5 episodes aired one episode per 3 month. What makes this anime really stand out is the graphic used in this anime.

Voices of a Distant Star
:: This in a short anime, about 10 minutes. But the graphic of this anime can be compared to Macross Zero. A story about female robot’s pilot thinking about her boyfriend.
Elfen Lied
:: This maybe one of the best anime 2005. But because of it storyline which contain too much of cruelty and bloody, I not even dare to watch.

AnImaTion- MoVies
This is actually not a true anime, but a movie.

Castle in the Sky

The Cat Return

Howl's Moving Castle

Spriggan the Movie

Spirited Away

Information About Animes

For those who want extra information about anime;

- fast update, most complete anime database with list of fansub’s group working @ worked on the specific title.

- this is the best place to read user’s review for you to get your 1st glimpse of anime

Anime News Network
- compare to two above, this is the least complete anime database, but this maybe the most complete information you can get on certain anime, It have not only summery, but the information to the voice actress and maybe the relation between anime and manga, as it also have database for manga.

- this anime on this database is mostly from famous and popular anime.

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For those who interested using Window Media Player like me, I highly recommended using Combined Community Codec Pack… You may need to adjust the setting, you can refer it here, under Playing Various Files & Video Cannot Play after Rename to *.avi

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